Jermaine Harris

Miami Edison may have the best talent of any program in the state this year, and when you look at the defensive, this is a player who could end up making the most noise.

While you can find out just so much about watching film on an athlete or talking to him on the phone, there is a major advantage to seeing the athlete live. I have been fortunate to see more high school football players in person in the state of Florida than any other source.
What I will do is use my 30 plus years of evaluating talent on the football field to give up a complete opinion on the top football players in the Class of 2004.
I hope you enjoy this rare look into the football players in the state from a first-hand. LIVE vantage point:

PLAYER: Jermaine Harris
SCHOOL: Miami Edison
HEIGHT: 5-11

THE SCOOP ON THIS FLORIDA KID: When you have a linebacker (Brouce Mompremier) that every college in the nation is looking at, you tend to raise your level of play.
EVALUATION: This is a young man who could emerge as one of the best in the state by the end of the season. Has very good speed, plays the run well and is improving on his pass coverage.
During the spring, most felt that he was as good as they watched, and with his tremendous strength and quickness, he may be a player you want to keep an eye on.
THE INSIDE STORY: Doesn't it figure when people come to see one or two players, another stands out. This is one of those young men who could end up exceeding all expectations. Recommended Stories