Tommy Kendrick

Every year, there are going to be a number of football players who emerge throughout the course of six or seven months. Here is another of those quality athletes.

While you can find out just so much about watching film on an athlete or talking to him on the phone, there is a major advantage to seeing the athlete live. I have been fortunate to see more high school football players in person in the state of Florida than any other source.
What I will do is use my 30 plus years of evaluating talent on the football field to give up a complete opinion on the top football players in the Class of 2004.
I hope you enjoy this rare look into the football players in the state from a first-hand. LIVE vantage point:

PLAYER: Tommy Kendrick
SCHOOL: Homestead.

THE SCOOP ON THIS FLORIDA KID: With the talent down at this year's University of Miami Nike Camp, it gave this flame-thrower with strength and size the opportunity to show of his skills.
EVALUATION: While this is easily the best season ever for quarterbacks in the state of Florida, many people are missing out on this underpublicized athlete who has more skill level than some people are holding in high standing.
Has good speed, the strength to throw across his body and has amazing accuracy. I was impressed at his leadership ability and tremendous strength. He doesn't go down on the first hit!
THE INSIDE STORY: I continue to be shocked at how many people want to move him to defensive end, tight end and linebacker when he throws the ball very well. Recommended Stories