Brim picks Virginia

Brim picks Virginia caught up with the talented two way player and 2010 Polk County Small School Offensive MVP from Victory Christian Academy in Lakeland, FL to talk about his recent commitment to University of Virginia

Demeitre Brim, a two way player for Victory Christian Academy, surprised everyone this by verbally committing to Virginia. At this point he has not taken an actual visit there, but is confident in his decision that they are the right fit for him.

"I did a lot of research into the program and my Mom is big into education and the educational system, so she checked out the academic side too. I also looked at past players from the school and the success they had and I just really liked the program."

Even though it is early in the process for him, Demeitre Brim was solid in his commitment and not overly interested in taking any visits other than one in June up to Virginia.

"I like the program a lot and Virginia went out of a limb for me, recruiting me even though I play for a small school. I was originally worried about the cold weather and distance from home which would keep my family from being able to see me play, but I talked with my family and they are behind me 100% no matter where I go."

Brim took some time and talked about his contact with the coaching staff and how they helped him decide Virginia was the place for him.

"Coach Hanson was the first coach I spoke to and he told me they were going to offer me. From then on I have talked a lot with Coach Brown, the linebacker coach, and he gave me a rundown of the program and what they are looking for."

Demeitre also had some conversations with head coach Mike London and is excited about the changes and direction of the program.

"I spoke with Coach London and he is an upbeat guy with a great personality. It is great that he is stressing how everything starts in the classroom. The changes he is making are putting Virginia on a positive route to rebuild the program, and I want to be part of that."

Demeitre plays quarterback for The Storm on offense, and had a lot of success doing so. His junior season saw him pass for 1,354 yards and 14 touchdowns, and rush for 1,388 yards and 17 touchdowns. However, the Cavaliers recruited him as a safety or outside linebacker.

"They want me as a safety or linebacker, but they said I could possibly attempt to play QB with the type of offense the run, but the coaches feel my best fit is on defense."

Brim did not seem too heartbroken over this however and was all smiles.

"I played linebacker growing up and even some in 9th grade," Brim said. "I am familiar with the position and I look forward to the transition back. I like being around the ball. Being closer to the line allows me to be more involved in ever play and help the team out."

With a decision made, Brim is turning his focus towards trying to graduate early and improve himself as a player.

"I want to try to go in early. My friends who are in college now like Marvin Robinson at Michigan and Quayshawn Nealy at Georgia Tech, said they wished they would have enrolled early and recommended I should."

In order to improve himself and work on areas in his game, Demeitre has gone to several Nike camps and attended Football University to work on fundamentals and footwork as a quarterback. He also trains with a local defensive backs coach, doing stretches and running different drills. He prides himself on being a very instinctive player and a big hitter, but wants to improve his hips and focus on wrapping up instead of just delivering big hits with his shoulder.

With spring football starting next week for Victory Christian, Brim shared he is setting goals to be come a better leader and help a young Storm team gel together.

"I really want to become a dominant leader for my team in spring and next season. I play quiet, but I want to be more vocal and develop leadership skills to use when I go off to college."

Looking ahead to next season, Brim has the usual goal set of helping his team play for a state championship. The Storm fell one game short last year, losing to Glades Day. He also has picked out a couple of marquee games that he is looking forward to.

"Admiral Farragut was a big game both times we played them last season. Lots of fans come out and there is a crazy atmosphere, so I am looking forward to that," said Brim. "I also look forward to playing Berkley Prep. I did a lot of research on Nelson Agholor and watched his film. He is an impressive player. I want to show out a little more in that game and prove to people that I am good enough to play against the best."

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